How Direct Mail Can Help To Generate New Leads

The start of a new year can mean a lot of things in the business world; a new budget, a new direction, new ideas, new products or services, and very often, new marketing strategies. With the introduction of the New Year’s budget, it may be time to try new lead generation techniques, or maybe regenerate older, tried and tested methods. If these techniques did not work in the past, it is often the case that the simplest details and changes can help you gain the best results from any marketing strategy. This fully applies to direct mail marketing. Many businesses have tried and failed at direct mail marketing campaigns simply because they lacked basic insider knowledge, or gave up too soon.

These simple insider tips will help your business get to grips with the basics of direct mail. Firstly, one of the main benefits of direct mail is that it is highly targeted and therefore has a much higher potential for response from recipients. Businesses can use extensive data to select the recipients that are most likely to respond to direct mail campaigns, as well as filtering this data to target recipients for certain products or services. With mass advertising channels such as television, the internet, radio and even print, much of a business’s message is wasted on consumers that are not in a particular market, yet it is still paid for.

Super-targeted direct mail marketing makes the most of marketing spend by targeting only consumers that are likely to respond. Understandably, past clients are a definite priority when it comes to targeted direct mail. By keeping in touch with clients and asking for referrals, you have a much better chance of retaining and winning new custom. The content of your direct mail marketing campaign is absolutely essential. A clear message with a consistent theme and design can build profitable responses as well as fulfill the main objective of direct mail; to generate communication with clients through emails and phone calls.

Good direct mail content informs people of important information, but also informs or reminds them of your business. Direct mail should be used to get the reader’s attention, from a carefully thought out headline to a call to action. Be careful to create a headline that generates excitement without exaggerating or over hyping your business.

For your direct mail marketing to be truly effective, you must include a call to action, informing recipients of what you would like them to do after reading your direct mail message. For example; ask recipients to call you, or direct them to your website and/or social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Finally, remember never to let your direct mail go out without thorough proofreading. Direct mail with bad writing, with grammatical and spelling mistakes is a sure way to put anyone off, creating a negative perception of your company name. Ensure that your direct mail marketing creates a positive image simply by ensuring that your copywriting is of good quality and free of mistakes.

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