Three’s Company – A Unique Collaboration Designed to Save You Money on Postage Costs

Aside from our specialist postal and promotional advertising services, we can now provide a complete one stop shop from data cleanse through to print services and direct mailing, helping businesses to be more efficient and save money on their direct mail campaigns.

Since we have been collaborating with marketing consultancy agency, Clive Freeman Associates, we have been able to help our clients to find the right prospects to target their direct mail campaigns at. Clive Freeman Associates offer a free data audit to determine where they are most likely to achieve returns and who they are least likely to generate interest from. Once a free data audit has been completed, they can then perform a data cleanse service, optimising a business’s client database to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

Welcome to our new site

If you are familiar with Direct Mail Publicity you might have noticed that we have had a facelift recently.

We have had a new website designed for DMPB, a new site for the House Cleaning Supplies we offer and a blog for Direct Mail where we can keep you all updated with our latest news.

If you haven’t already had a lo0k around please do visit our sites and let us know what you think as we are always keen to get customer feedback so we can make our service even more useful to our customers.