Three’s Company – A Unique Collaboration Designed to Save You Money on Postage Costs

Aside from our specialist postal and promotional advertising services, we can now provide a complete one stop shop from data cleanse through to print services and direct mailing, helping businesses to be more efficient and save money on their direct mail campaigns.

Since we have been collaborating with marketing consultancy agency, Clive Freeman Associates, we have been able to help our clients to find the right prospects to target their direct mail campaigns at. Clive Freeman Associates offer a free data audit to determine where they are most likely to achieve returns and who they are least likely to generate interest from. Once a free data audit has been completed, they can then perform a data cleanse service, optimising a business’s client database to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

Our collaboration with Printerface Intelligent Print Solutions allows our clients to save money on printing costs, whilst still receiving excellent service and great quality prints. Printerface aim to provide ingenious suggestions to make your print stand out from that of your competitors and help you get results.

By collaborating with data cleansing specialists and a printing service, we can now help our clients to make the most of their direct mailing campaigns, as we can despatch carefully designed direct mail to expertly targeted audiences. In addition to saving money on data cleansing and printing solutions, we can also help clients to take full advantage of post office discounts by pre-sorting their direct mail shots. By using our one stop service, our clients can benefit from having only one point of contact throughout any direct mail process.

For more information about direct mail marketing solutions you can contact us via the Direct Mail Publicity website.

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